JCF Council



1. Executive Body

The Executive Council of the Jamaica Chess Federation is comprised of 14 members, including six officers and eight ordinary members. The officers are the President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Vice Presidents for the regions of Surrey, Middlesex and Surrey, while the ordinary members are assigned to various sub-committees in order to carry out the functions of the Federation. Elections to the Executive Council are held  every odd numbered year at the Annual General Meeting, when persons who have been properly nominated are eligible for election to serve on the Executive Council for a period of two years. Only Federation members in good standing are eligible to vote at an Annual Meeting.

2. Responsibilities of Executive

Aside from the routine functions of planning and organising chess activities, the executive is also responsible for;

  • Delegation of Tasks by creating and empowering such committees as may be needed to achieve the objectives of the JCF.
  • The Creation and implementation of such Bye-laws and regulations that may be necessary to enable the JCF to achieve its Objectives.
  • Ensuring that the Constitution, Bye-laws and other regulations are preserved, respected and upheld.
  • Ensuring that appropriate meetings such as the monthly executive meeting, The Annual general meeting, and committee meetings are held on a regular basis, and conducted properly




  • Responsible for long term strategic planning for the JCF;
  • Provides overall guidance and direction, through the setting of key goals and priorities;
  • Plans, presides over and conducts all Executive Council meetings in conjunction with the Secretary
  • Responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Council, ensuring that each Council member effectively balances their efforts between portfolio specific and organizational priorities;
  • Chairs the Bye-laws, Rules & Regulations Committee;
  • Acts as the representative of the JCF in external matters;
  • Official spokesperson of the Council on all issues, maintaining positive relations with all members of the media, but may delegate responsibility for speaking to the media to one of the vice-presidents on any given issue;
  • Prepares a report to each AGM, documenting achievements during the year;
  • Appoints all committees not otherwise provided for in the Constitution and Bye-Laws;
  • Ensures that the regulations of the JCF are enforced by the Council; and
  • Works with Treasurer to set requirements for the JCF budget.

The post of President is a voluntary position.



1. Each chairs the regional committee and performs all the functions of the President, for the region for which he/she was elected (either the county of Cornwall, Middlesex or Surrey);

2. Holds all powers of the President in the event that he/she resigned from the position or is temporarily unavailable to perform the function of President;

The post of Vice President is a voluntary position.


The role of the Secretary is to manage and coordinate all procedural, operational and logistical services supporting the National Executive Council and its related functions. The Secretary has a range of specific accountabilities:

  •  to assist the President with the programming of Executive Council business and setting of agendas;
  •  to attend the National Executive Council meetings and record the decisions and minutes of meetings;
  •  to ensure that business presented to National Executive Council conforms to the appropriate standards and requirements;
  • to receive, process and distribute documents to be considered by the National Executive Council in a timely and secure manner;
  • to maintain a secure record of National Executive council documents and distribute decisions and minutes in a timely and secure manner;
  •  to liaise with and advise National Executive Council members on the operations and requirements of the National Executive Council; and
  • other duties as required by the President.

The post of Secretary is a voluntary position.



The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the Jamaica Chess Federation and maintaining accurate financial records.

The post of Treasurer is a voluntary position.

Although the Treasurer has primary responsibility for the finances, he/she must work closely with the other members of the National Executive Council and it is essential that the finances are handled in accordance with the constitution and with the decisions of the National Executive Council.

The Treasurer is ultimately responsible for: –

  •  Looking after the finances of JCF;
  •  Regularly reporting to the National Executive Council on the financial position of the JCF;
  •  Preparing a year-end statement of accounts to present to the Auditors and arranging for the statement of accounts to be audited;
  •  Keeping up-to-date records for all financial transactions;
  • Collecting membership fees and all money due to the JCF and issuing receipts for all money received and recording this information;
  •  Paying bills on time and recording the information;
  •  Ensuring that funds are spent properly;
  •  Presenting an end-of-year financial report to the Annual General Meeting;
  •  Financial planning including producing an annual budget and monitoring it throughout the year;
  •  Helping to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required;
  •  The Treasurer is ultimately responsible even if these duties are delegated to a professional officer. It is up to the Treasurer to make sure that any delegated work is properly carried out.

The Treasurer needs to know what everybody else on the National Executive Council is doing and therefore should not work alone. Similarly, the rest of the National Executive Council ought to know the finances of the organisation.
The Treasurer must be kept informed well in advance of any significant expenditure that is being planned, even if it is within the approved budget. This helps to avoid serious overspending or cash flow problems which could have serious cash flow problems which could have been prevented had the Treasurer known in advance.

All members of the National Executive Council share a responsibility to ensure that the organisation is financially viable, even though they might prefer not to have to worry about money.

The post of Treasurer is a voluntary position.




a. Ratings

I. Chairs the Rating & Selection Committee;
II. Maintains the JCF rating system and all associated matters;


b. FIDE Matters

I. Ensures that all matters concerning the world governing body for chess, FIDE, are dealt with in a timely manner;


c. Tournaments

I. Chairs the Tournament Committee
II. Ensures that all tournaments of the JCF are properly organised, either through direct involvement or through delegation of responsibilities;


d. Publications

I. Chairs the Publications Committee;
II. Ensures the Maintenance of the JCF Website;
III. Ensures that the following are published:
a. A monthly Chess News Flash;
b. A twice yearly Chess Bulletin;
c. An annual Chess Year Book.


e. Public Relations & Publicity

I. Chairs the Public Relations & Publicity Committee
II. Responsible for improving the positive visibility of the sport of chess in Jamaica


f. Intercollegiate, Junior & Schools

I. Chairs the Junior Chess Committee
II. Chairs the Intercollegiate Chess Committee
III. To promote the playing of Chess at the intercollegiate and junior chess levels;


g. Women’s Chess and;

I. To promote the playing of Chess by women and girls;


h. Fund Raising

I. Chairs the Fund Raising Committee
II. Seeks funding for the activities of the JCF.


Chairmen of each Committee

The Chairman of every committee shall within one month of his appointment submit to the Council a written outline of the programme for his Committee and thereafter Quarterly reports of the progress of the programme and such other reports as requested by the Council.

The Chairman of each Committee shall preside at all meetings of his Committee and shall cause a record of its decisions to be kept. The quorum of the meetings shall be three. In the event of a tie in the voting on any issue, the Chairman of each Committee shall have a second or casting vote.

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