JCF Membership


Membership Classes
There are three classes of Members;
a)Ordinary members b)Associate members and c)Honorary members

Any individual who is a member of any club or organization that is affiliated with the JCF, shall be accepted as an associate member.

Any Individual may apply to become an Ordinary member by submitting to the council the following;
a)Duly completed and signed Membership form
b)The membership fee for a year or at least 6 months.

Membership fees
Ordinary Members are further divided into Student and Non-Student members. Students pay 50% of the cost of membership while Non students pay 100%.

The current yearly membership fee for Ordinary members is as follows;
a) Students and Children; 1 Year – $1000
6 months – $500

b) Adults and non Students; 1 Year – $2000
6 months – $1000

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