(PICTURE: SITTING (L-R): Listra Clemetson, Collette Chai, Ian Wilkinson, Rowena Coe and Claudeen Panton. STANDING (L-R): DeMario Nash, Peter Myers, Mark Holness, Eton Chin, Robert Wheeler and Terence Lindo
ABSENT - Ambassador Dr. Nigel Clarke and Mikhail Solomon


On Saturday, June 17 at its 49th Annual General Meeting held at Liberty Academy in Kingston, the Jamaica Chess Federation (“JCF”)elected a new governing Executive Council. Attorney-at-Law Ian G. Wilkinson QC was returned unopposed for an eighth consecutive two-year term to lead the affairs of what is generally regarded as the fastest growing sport in Jamaica.

Returning Vice-Presidents are Mark Holness (Cornwall) andPeter Myers (Middlesex). Robert Wheeler, the outgoing acting Treasurer,was also elected as Vice-President(Surrey). Two other new officers were elected - Collette Chai will be the new Secretary while Eton Chin debuts as Treasurer. Newcomers to the Council are Claudeen Panton, Principal of McGrath High School and DeMario Nash.

Wilkinson announced to the members present that this will definitely be his last  term and that he will be honing and strengthening the succession plans in place. He also identified the JCF’s main objectives as the acquisition of official headquarters; hosting a World Championship  Qualifier  for  the first time; and the continued development of the junior and female players particularly via their participation in international events.

Jamaica Chess Federation
2017 June 23

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