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Frequently asked questions

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions



Q:How do I play in a chess tournament?

A:Check out our registration area to see upcoming tournaments and registration steps. If you do not want to play you may still come as a spectator and observe the event. Most of our tournaments have skittles rooms, where players compete for fun

Q:Are tournaments fide rated? What about local jamaican ratings? 
A:Rating points and prizes are usually at stake in Jamaican chess tournaments.Also usually, the major open tournaments and all the invitational tournaments are usually also rated by fide, the world governing body for chess. and all teh standard international rules relating to chess will apply..


Q:What's a chess rating and how do I get one? 
A chess rating is an estimate of your playing strength based on prior results against different opponents in an official rated tournament. You first get a provisional rating before getting a permanent established rating. When you win, your rating should go up, when you lose, your rating should go down, and when you draw, your rating goes up or down depending on the relative difference in in rating between you and your opponent. Once rated, always rated.