THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF the jamaica chess federation

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2023 JCF Council in above picture in above Picture

Sitting: Clifton Pryce, Deborah Richards-Porter, Peter Myers, Maxine Brown, Ian Wilkinson;
Standing: Howard Wilson, Malaku Lorne, Jomo Pitterson, Mark Holness, Warren Elliott, Richard Shaw




The Executive Body is comprised of 14 Members. These Members include Six officers and Eight Council members.

The Six officers include the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Three Regional Vice Presidents, who control the regions of Surrey, Middlesex and Surrey.

2) The Eight ordinary members are responsible for the following eight functions.


FIDE Matters



Public Relations & Publicity

Intercollegiate, Junior & Schools Women’s Chess and;

Fund Raising


To promote the playing of Chess throughout the Island of Jamaica

To encourage the formation of Chess Clubs and other Chess Associations in Jamaica

To promote the teaching of Chess in Jamaica

To organize Chess Tournaments, contests, seminars, workshops and training sessions

To be affiliated with F.I.D.E. and other International chess organizations

To be affiliated with other members of organizations of F.I.D.E.

To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above-named objects.



  1. PRESIDENT (Article 7 (a) of the Constitution) The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Federation. Provision is made for this position in article 7 (a) of the Constitution. The President’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. presiding over the National Executive Council, the governing/management body of the JCF;
    2. supervising the officers of the JCF to ensure that they discharge their duties;
    3. chairing Council meetings and any other meeting;
    4. nominating chairpersons for the respective committees;
    5. developing policies for the JCF;
    6. attending functions on behalf of the JCF and nominating/selecting delegates where necessary
    7. networking with various persons or stakeholders to promote the objectives of the JCF.
  2. VICE-PRESIDENTS (Article 7 (b) of the Constitution)
    There are three Vice-Presidents, each representing one of the three counties of Jamaica – Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey. The responsibilities of the Vice-Presidents include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. assisting the President to discharge his functions;
    2. organizing chess activities in their respective counties; and
    3. helping or supervising the various committees to discharge their functions.
  3. SECRETARY (Article 7 (d) of the Constitution)
    There is provision for a Secretary. This person is chiefly responsible for the following:
    1. maintaining the records of the JCF. These include the Minutes of meetings, details of Jamaican Champions, titled players etc;
    2. monitoring or supervising the JCF’s headquarters or secretariat to ensure that it functions efficiently and/or properly;
    3. issuing notices to members and keeping members informed of matters affecting their interests and/or involving the JCF
    4. recording or taking the Minutes of meetings and circulating to members;
    5. convening meetings in consultation with the President;
    6. drafting/preparing the Agenda for meetings; and
    7. collaborating with the Treasurer to ensure that the necessary, or relevant documents, for the JCF are prepared. These include Annual Returns, Financial Statements etc.
  4. TREASURER (Article 7 (c) of the Constitution

  5. There is provision for a Treasurer. This person is chiefly responsible for the following:

    1. Collecting, and securing, money and equipment (including chess clocks and sets) on behalf of the JCF;
    2. maintaining the financial records of the JCF, including bank accounts;
    3. monitoring or supervising the JCF’s headquarters or secretariat to ensure that, from a financial perspective, it functions efficiently and/or properly;
    4. preparing regular (monthly) reports of the JCF’s financial affairs and circulating to Council members;
    5. preparing, or supervising the preparation of, the JCF’s Annual Company Returns, Financial Statements and any other relevant documents
    6. ensuring that members ship dues for the World Chess Federation (“FIDE”), and any other dues, are paid; and
    7.           ensuring that the JCF’s statutory obligations (for example, income tax payments) or other financial commitments are discharged or met.
    Article 8 of the Constitution provides for “Eight Ordinary members responsible for the following eight functions”. The following are the committees with a summary of their responsibilities.
    1. FIDE MATTERSThis is responsible for providing a nexus between the JCF and matters involving the World Chess Federation (“FIDE”). This includes informing the JCF of FIDE events, notices, rules etc.
    2. FUND RAISING – This is a crucial committee that is chiefly responsible for raising funds and/or resources to enable the Council and various committees of the JCF to function.
    3. INTERCOLLEGIATE, JUNIOR & SCHOOLS – This is responsible for spearheading Chess, and/or chess events, at all levels in schools, colleges and Universities.
    4. PUBLICATIONS – This is responsible for all JCF publications, example, a newsletter. The members are responsible for obtaining/providing content, working with the Fund Raising Committee to secure advertisements etc. to cover the cost of any publication.
    5. PUBLIC RELATIONS & PUBLICITYThis is another crucial committee with the chief responsibility of publicizing the work of the JCF, in particular appointments, events, results of events etc. The members are to utilize the print and electronic media, social media and any other forum or medium to highlight the achievements and work of the JCF and/or individual members. This committee is crucial to popularizing and/or promoting Chess.
    6. RATINGS – This is responsible for calculating the ratings of players and, in collaboration with the Secretary, maintaining a record of, and publishing, these ratings. The members of this committee must aspire to having ratings done/updated and published as quickly as possible after the completion of events, certainly no later than two weeks thereafter.
    7. TOURNAMENTS – This is responsible for organizing the tournaments on the JCF Calendar unless any other committee or third party is given that responsibility. The members must ensure that venues are secured for events, flyers/notices circulated and equipment put in place. This committee has to work closely with the Secretary (regarding notices) and the Treasurer (having prize money available for winners).
    8. WOMEN’S CHESS - This is chiefly responsible for promoting Chess among females in order to increase the number of women playing chess and improving conditions for female players. The committee must consider various events for females including, but not limited to, “women only” events whether at long, rapid or blitz time controls.
    9. NOMINATION COMMITTEE (Article 12 of the Constitution) – This is a Committee comprising three ordinary members elected at an Annual General Meeting of the JCF. This committee is to interview candidates for election to determine the suitability of the person whether as an officer or Council member of the JCF.
    10. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – (Article 9 of the Constitution) – The Council may appoint someone to be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the JCF. This can be a full-time or part-time appointment. If the former, this is likely to be a paid position.
    11. ADVISORY BOARD - (Article 13 of the Constitution) This is a body that consists of past officers of the JCF. It is formed to resolve any disputes or problems that cannot be resolved by the Council which will appoint it as an Arbitrator.


Peter Myers
Jamaica Chess Federation

May 28th, 2020