Original document distributed to JCF on July 17, 2008. This document was amended in February 2009

Main Purpose of Parish Chess Associations

    1. The Main Purpose of Parish Chess Associations shall be to;
    2. Collect membership fees on behalf of the Jamaica Chess federation
    3. Facilitate  and promote the formation of chess clubs within the parish
    4. Facilitate, organize promote and run sanctioned JCF Tournaments in the parish
    5. Regulate jcf sanctioned events within the parish
    Introduction and Definitions
    1. This document outlines the rules and regulations governing formation and affiliation of Parish Associations.
    2. These rules and regulations were formed on the basis of decisions made by the  Jamaica Chess Federation Council members in the council meeting held on May 31, 2008.
    3. The decisions by the council in the meeting held on May 31, 2008 as related to Parish  Associations included  some new decisions, arising from discussions and ratifications of some of the points in a written proposal which was put forward by the three Vice presidents of the Jamaica Chess Federation.
    4. In this document J.C.F. will stand for the Jamaica Chess Federation
    5. “Properly run” Tournament shall mean a tournament that is conducted in accordance with fide regulations and the JCF constitution byelaws, and is conducted in a respectable and disciplined manner, with regard to the players, the organizers and the spectators.
    6. Parish Chess Associations as outlined in these regulations is a category of jcf membership and is not currently in the bye-laws as at this date.
    7. The “Organization” will be defined as the group of people who are applying to for corporate member affiliation.
    8. “PCA” will stand for Parish Chess Association
    9. The Parish Chess Association, henceforth reffered to as the PCA shall be defined as the representative chess body of the J.C.F.  at the parish level.
    10. The main purposes of the PCA shall be to;
      1. Organize and Regulate official jcf sanctioned chess activities within that region
      2. to facilitate and promote chess tournaments in the parish
      3. Represent the JCF at the parish level
      4. Collect membership on behalf of the JCF
      5. Promote and Facilitate formation of clubs in the parish
    Recent council decisions,regarding Parish chess Associations, in the jcf council meeting held on May 31, 2008
    1. Each PCA  affiliated to the jcf must have a minimum of Six members in its executive and one of these members must be a president and one must be a secretary.
    2. Each Parish Association must create and submit a written Constitution to the J.C.F. council secretariat.
    3. Each PCA shall have a designated and registered office and a secretariat
    4. All properly run tournaments held by PCA’s  will be rated and endorsed by the jcf for free.
    5. PCA’s will have the power to collect entry fee and membership on behalf of the J.C.F.
    6. Each JCF member of a Parish Chess Association shall pay the full JCF membership.
    7. Each PCA will fall under the jurisdiction of one of the regional committees of Cornwall, Middlesex or Surrey
    8. Each PCA shall keep 25 percent of the JCF membership fees they collect on behalf of the J.C.F.
    9. In the first six months of Startup, all membership fees will go towards the PCA.
    10. Each parish association should endeavour to have at least one open tournament per year
    Requirements for a Parish Chess Association to be  affiliated to the JCF
    1. Each PCA must submit a written constitution, to the J.C.F. secretariat
    2. The organization must have a minimum of twenty members to be eligible for affiliation.
    3. The organization must have an executive body, two of which must be a president and a secretary.
    4. The organization must have a secretariat and a registered office where members can pay dues, check records and make enquiries etc.
    5. The president of the organization must submit a written application to the secretary of the jcf with the membership fee and other documents related to the organization.
    6. The president of the organization applying for affiliation must submit a written register of its members who will be registered with the Jcf, or who are already registered with the J.C.f.
    Constitution guidelines
    1. The constitution should acknowledge that the PCA is subject to the rulings from the JCF council.
    2. The constitution should make provision for the possibility of being a part of a bi-ennial congress to select officers of the JCF.
    3. The constitution shall
    4.  outline important time periods and such as date of elections monthly meeting,
    5. Detail how the PCA will be run and structured eg. Quorum,AGM regular meetings
    6. Detail guidelines such as the dissolution and election of officers
    7. Contain other relevant information that might be included in a normal constitution
    Affiliate members
    1. All members of the affiliated organization who are newly registered with the JCF at the time of application will be required to pay full JCF membership
    2. All members of the PCA  who were already paidup members of the jcf before being affiliated to the organization will not have to pay JCF registration again at the time of the PCA affiliation. All JCF members of the PCA  shall have the same rights and benefits of an ordinary Jcf member registered through the JCF council.
    Benefits of PCA Affiliation
    1. All properly run Tournaments by the Organization will be endorsed by the JCF and rated for free by the Jcf
    2. The affiliated organization will be promoted on the JCF website.
    Affiliate organization powers, Accountability and responsibilities
    1. The PCA shall have power to collect membership fees and tournament entry fees on behalf of the JCF
    2. The PCA shall be subject to rulings from the JCF executive and the Regional committee headed by the JCF vice president.
    3. The PCA shall be responsible for maintaining a register of its JCF members and submitting the relevant monies,copies of membership fees and registration documents to the JCF
    4. The PCA shall be responsible for conducting properly run tournaments and submitting the financials, results and all other necessary documentation on tournaments to the JCF on a timely basic
    5. The PCA shall be responsible for paying its annual membership fee on a timely basis
    6. The PCA shall have the right to promote the fact that it is affiliated to the JCF  in the press.
    7. The PCA shall be responsible for upholding its constitution and submitting changes to its byelaws to the JCF
    Mark Holness
    Vice President,
    Jamaica Chess Federation