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01 Constitution

02 General Meetings

03 Membership & Affiliated Bodies

04 Financial Regulations & Fees

05 Executive Council Functions

06 Sub-Committees

07 Rating System

08 Selection for Participation in Events

09 Awards & Titles

10 Code of Conduct, Disciplinary & Appeal Procedures



Dear Sirs,

This  is  to  remind you that  since  the  1st  of  July 2017 new FIDE
Title Regulations are into effect.

You can find it in FIDE Handbook ook.html?id=10&view=category

There are some the most important changes:

0.62  For a direct title to be awarded immediately an applicant has to
have achieved at some time or other a minimum rating as follows:
GM       2300   WGM     2100
IM       2200   WIM     2000
FM       2100   WFM     1900
CM       2000   WCM     1800

1.13 No more than 2 rounds shall be played on any one day.
With an increment of a minimum of 30 seconds for each move, the
minimum time is 90 minutes for the entire game for each player,
apart from the increment.
Without  an  increment  the minimum playing time is 2 hours for
each player. From 1 July 2021 games played without an increment
of  at  least  30  seconds per move are not valid for titles or
title norms, except in the case of disabled players.

1.23a   If  groups  are  combined  to  make  a  bigger group, then the
requirements  (at least 8 participants from at least 5 federations) in
1.23  shall  apply  to this merged group. Titles can be awarded to the
best  player(s) of the subgroups, provided the subgroup has at least 5
participants  from  at  least  3  federations  and the player scores a
minimum of 50 in a minimum of 9 games.

1.3   Titles  may be gained by achieving a published or interim rating
at  some time or other (see 1.53a) having at that time played at least
30 rated games.

2.3   There  is  a 30 day deadline in order for the applications to be
considered  properly.  There is a 50 surcharge for applications to be
considered in a shorter time-scale than this.
Exception:  the surcharge may be waived, if the last norm was achieved
so late that the time limit could not be observed.
Those  arriving  during  the  Presidential  Board,  Executive Board or
General   Assembly  shall  be  charged  a  100  supplement,  with  no

Thank you.

Best regards,
Qualification Commission