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      1. Collaborate with other emerging sports, to establish a joint head office, through CHASE, JOA and SDF

      3. Collaborate with an existing sports-related entity, e.g. GoJ Sport Funding body or another sporting association, to utilize their head office/corporate services
      4. Seek funding from FIDE, SDF, JOA, CHASE andcorporate sponsor(s) to establish a head office

      6. Convince a corporate sponsor to donate land or existing structure.
      7. Convince a corporate sponsor to rent part of their premises at a peppercorn rate.

      9. Convince the Government of Jamaica to fund the construction of a National Sporting Office on lands in close proximity to the National Stadium/Arena/Sports Centre
      10. Establish a Chess Development Fund


      1. Stimulate a national discussion on how we socialize our girls, pushing them, for example, to certain activities

      3. Implement measures to make the sport more appealing for women to play, watch and support for a sustained period of time
      4. Establish a training programme specifically geared to teaching and retaining female players in the sport

      6. Identify and target as partners, entities that appear to understand why it is important to place specific focus on how we socialize our young women, e.g. Girls Schools, Bureau of Gender Affairs, MCGES, Corporate Sponsors who sponsor women’s events


      1. Identification of a suitable external coach to develop a training template
      1. Year-round training for national squads


      1. Training for Coaches, including teachers in schools
      1. Training for Arbiters


      1. Training for Chess Event Organisers
      1. Registration and Certification of coaches, arbiters and event organisers


      1. Identification and targeting of strategic regional and international tournaments for participation      


      1. Each with at least a President, Secretary and Treasurer
      1. Each with a Constitution and regular meeting location


      1. Each focused on the development of the sport in their respective parishes through the schools in the parish
      1. Each partnered with at least one corporate sponsor


      1. Number of active Chess players, male, female, juniors
      1. Number of educational institutions with chess clubs


      1. Number of educational institutions with chess on the curriculum
      1. Number of chess sponsors, grant-providers


      1. Number of chess coaches
      1. Number of chess clubs


      1. Number of chess club members
      1. Number of chess arbiters


      1. Number of chess event organisers
      1. Number of chess events/tournaments


      1. Number of chess games played
      1. Number of overseas representatives








    The ultimate objectives of this “Ten-Year Plan” include: making Chess much more visible and popular in Jamaica and ultimately the sport played by the most persons; developing the standard of Jamaica’s Chess players; modernizing and strengthening the administrative structure of the JCF; and increasing, significantly, Jamaica’s influence in the administration of Chess internationally.




    1. Strengthening the JCF’s administration by, inter alia, obtaining committed, hardworking, serious business-minded people to serve on the Council to discharge the functions of the organization.
    1. Securing proper headquarters or a secretariat for the JCF to conduct business, store equipment etc. This can be via rental of office space. The JCF should employ at least one full-time member of staff to run the secretariat.


    1. Exploring the possibility of officers of the JCF, and/or an Executive Director, receiving compensation, remuneration and/or stipends for their services/time.


    1. ARBITERS –


    1. Establishing a proper arbiter development and/or training programme so that there will be a cadre of National Arbiters  (“NAs”) to deal with local tournaments.
    1.  Developing FIDE Arbiters who can eventually become International Arbiters, officiating at events such as the World Chess Olympiad.


    1. Creating an Arbiter “industry” whereby persons can earn substantial income as an arbiter.


    The JCF must ensure that its history, legacy and records are protected and secured. The necessary plans and personnel must be put in place to put together information and material including, but not limited to, a record of the following:

    1. all national champions (male and female, adult and junior) and details of their victories. For example, when they won, where the event was played and the participants and sponsors;


    1. all winners of the various open tournaments;
    1. all titled administrators and players (including posthumous), the date they achieved such status, the event etc.
    2. game scores and scoresheets;
    3. preparing “pgn” files for the games of the past, starting with the 1960s right to the present;


    1. Minutes of all Council meetings;
    1. Details of official overseas participation, including the Olympiad commencing from 1978;


    1. Photographs of administrators, players and events from 1969 when the JCF was formed to the present; and
    1. Memorabilia (for example, chess sets used by Enos Grant, John Powell et al) for the Chess Hall of Fame/Museum.


    1. Resuscitating the Business House Chess Competition.


    1. Further (or alternatively), staging specific competitions among persons in various industries. For example, persons in banking will have competitions among themselves; people in the insurance sector will compete to see which company has the best chess players.
    1. CALENDAR –


    These must be prepared to cover a minimum of three-year periods as best as possible with the venues for local events stated and details of international events noted where possible.



    Doing all that is necessary to ensure that the JCF complies with the relevant requirements and obtain charitable status and possibly tax-exempt status. Among other things, this should facilitate the JCF importing equipment at significantly reduced cost and being eligible to benefit from grant funding etc.

    1. CHESS CLUBS - 


    1. Encouraging the establishment and/or development of Clubs.
    1. Facilitating the staging of Chess competitions between or among Clubs.


    1. Encouraging Clubs to become associated with, or affiliated to, the JCF with reciprocal benefits to be agreed or decided after discussions between/among the parties.
    1. COACHES


    1. Strengthening the JCF’s relation with the local coaches.
    1. Utilizing the coaches to the mutual benefit of the JCF and the coaches, including improving communication between/among the respective parties and increasing the JCF’s membership and benefits to members/players.


    1. Introducing a programme to certify coaches/trainers at various levels with guidance from the FIDE trainer programme.
    1. Creating a database of coaches certified by the JCF with details including the coaching level, date of certification and the contact information for the coaches.


    1. Implementing a Coach-of-the-year award.
    1.  Obtaining, in the first instance, an international coach (for example from Cuba) for the national squads and later different coaches for the individual squads.


    1. The JCF should appoint coaches for the Absolute, Women’s and Junior teams, respectively, for specific periods based on criteria and terms to be decided by the Council.


    1. Amending/updating the JCF’s Constitution and its bye-laws and having them approved by the membership in general meeting.


    1. Changing the structure of the JCF so there is an annual Congress with all Parish Associations represented. Each association is to have delegates (no more than three per association).
    1. The executive officers, including the President, should be selected by the delegates at this Congress for a term of four (4) years.


    1. There must be term limits – no person being able to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same capacity.


    1. Ensuring that the JCF’s financial affairs are in order with all annual returns being filed, any relevant taxes paid etc.
    1. Ensuring that the JCF’s finances are audited annually.


    1. Contracting or hiring accountants for specific, minimum periods.


    1. Sorting out the Fund-raising Committee so that proposals are prepared well in advance of events, minimum of three months and ideally at least six months before the event.
    1. Building a database of chess players who are businessmen/women and professionals such as accountants, consultants, doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. and targeting them for serious, consistent financial support.


    1. Compiling a comprehensive list of sponsors to be used by the Fund-Raising committee.
    1. Staging fund-raising events such as barbecues, bingos, fish fry, 5K run etc.


    1. HALL OF FAME (“HOF”) Having a HOF ceremony biennially and establishing a venue to house the Hall of Fame and/or museum. Collecting memorabilia (pictures, score sheets, chess sets etc.) on/from various Jamaican chess personalities.


    1. The JCF should stage at least one international event in Jamaica per year. This event should provide norm opportunities for local players and must be marketed in such away that it can be established as a brand event, be income-earning, self-sustaining and buttressed by sponsorship.
    1. The JCF should try to host as often as possible the Sub-Zonals and Zonals tournaments for men and women.


    1. The JCF should establish partnerships with entities such as UWI/UTECH to assist with logistics etc.
    1. “JUNIOR” CHESS –


    1. The JCF should acknowledge, although it is truistic, that the juniors are truly our future and that the vast majority of events involve juniors.
    1. There should be proper staffing of the Intercollegiate, Junior and schools (“Junior Chess”) Committee, chaired by a dedicated, progressive-minded, serious individual.


    1. This Committee must have a well-considered plan for the development of our juniors.
    1. A protocol for qualification for national events and international representation should be developed and/or honed.


    1. The JCF should target special events (especially CARIFTA, CAC Youth Chess Festival, PANAM Juniors, the World Juniors/Youth and Youth Olympiad) in which our juniors should participate.
    1. LEAGUE –


    Resuscitating the Chess League which has not been held since c. 2009.



    1. The JCF membership should be documented and officially confirmed.
    1. Parents of minors should be specifically targeted to become members and encouraged to learn and play chess.


    1. At least one hundred (100) schools should be registered as members.
    2. The minimum number of individual members should be one hundred thousand (100,000), particularly including the global school numbers.
    1. Each individual member/institution must have a membership card with specific identification number and other relevant details including contact information such as civic and email addresses.


    1. OLYMPIAD –
    1. The JCF should do its best to send Open and Women’s teams to the Chess Olympiad. There are several reasons for this including –


    (i) the fact that it is the premier team event in the world and we have a rich history of participation;
    (ii) the event serves as a platform for Jamaican players to meet or see the best players in the world in action and improve as players;
    (iii) the Olympiad provides an excellent opportunity for Jamaican players to obtain international (FIDE) ratings and titles;
    (iv) the Olympiad allows Jamaican Chess to be displayed to the world; and
    (v) Jamaica’s participation serves to expose or highlight “Brand Jamaica” with potential, tremendous benefits for Jamaica’s tourism sector.

    1. Proper plans, including a promotional/public relations campaign, must be put in place early to raise financing for teams to the Chess Olympiad;


    1.  The criteria for selection to the Olympiad teams (whether or not they remain the same) must be finalized by the Council and circulated to the Chess community within six (6) calendar months of the end of the last/previous Chess Olympiad;
    1. A code of conduct for persons in the Olympiad delegation, whether administrator or player, must be finalized by the Council and circulated to the Chess community, including members of the Olympiad delegation, no later than sixty (60) days before the start of the Olympiad; and


    1. Within sixty (60) days of the completion of the Olympiad, reports by the following individuals must be submitted to the Council regarding all aspect of Jamaica’s participation at the Olympiad:

    (i) the head of delegation (chef de mission); 
    (ii) the coach of the Open team;
    (iii) the captain of the Open team, if different from the coach;
    (iv) the coach of the Women’s team; and
    (v) the captain of the Women’s team, if different from the coach.

    1. The reports by the captains/coaches must contain at least the following:


    (i) a copy of the scoresheets for each player or, alternatively, pgn files of the games for each player;
    (ii) comments on the performances of every player;
    (iii) details of any factors, or incidents, which (might have) affected the performance of the players negatively or positively;
    (iv) the attitude or behaviour of the players during the Olympiad; and
    (v) suggestions for improvement.



    Consistent with the approach over the past 10 years, an association should be established in every each parish. Currently there are parish associations (“PAs”) covering the following eight (8) parishes – Clarendon, Kingston & St. Andrew, St. James, Portland, St. Catherine, Westmoreland and St. Mary.

    1. These PAs should have proper Constitutions/laws, officers and be affiliates of the JCF with annual reports to the JCF on their operations;


    1.  An affiliate fee should be paid by them to the JCF annually whereupon their members will automatically be in good standing with the JCF. In those circumstances, no JCF membership fees will be required from members of such PAs.
    1. The Executive/management of the PA should submit annual reports to the JCF regarding its affairs, number of members, calendar events etc.


    1. After the necessary amendments are effected to the JCF Constitution and the PA Constitution, each PA will have delegates who will be entitled to vote at Congresses to elect the JCF President etc. The necessary amendments to the Constitution will indicate the number of delegates etc.


    1. Developing a better public relations system/structure with regular reports to the print and electronic media.
    2. Providing reports to sponsors before, during and after events and arranging dossiers of players for regulation publication.
    1. Utilising the various “Social Media” platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) more effectively.


    1. Writing and distributing regular articles on players, tournaments (local and international) and the history of Jamaican chess.


    1. Publishing a quarterly Newsletter.


    1. RATINGS –


    1. Re-structuring the ratings system so that the local ratings are generated quickly using computer programmes and with the necessary measures in place to prevent abuse and/or corruption.


    1. Increasing the number of Jamaican players with FIDE ratings to at least five hundred (500).
    1. Phasing out local/JCF ratings and utilizing only FIDE ratings – by the 1st January, 2021.


    1. Establishing (or resuscitating!?) an association of Chess-playing countries in the English-speaking Caribbean.


    1. Establishing, or building stronger, ties with the various leaders and/or administrations in the region.
    1. Ensuring the JCF is represented adequately at each regional (Continental) Chess Congress or General Assembly, for example of the Confederation of Chess in the Americas (CCA – “FIDE America”) whether or not it is held in an Olympiad year.


    1. The delegate must submit a report to the Council (highlighting important matters discussed and decisions made) within thirty (30) days of the completion of business or meetings by the said Continental Congress or General Assembly.


    1. The JCF should assume a prominent role in the affairs of any regional governing body, including seeking to occupy the position of President, Secretary and/or Treasurer.
    1. SEMINARS Staging seminars (at least one per quarter?) on various topics, including how to run tournaments.



    Having the JCF admitted as a member of the Jamaica Olympic Association.

    1. SPORTSWOMAN/MAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS Getting Chess accepted as part of these national annual awards, especially having its own category.


    1. TEAMS
    1. Having two standing squads (Absolute/female) at all time for both seniors and juniors, that is four squads in all.


    1.  Finalizing and publicizing criteria for selection to these as well as for national and international representation.
    1. Arranging regular coaching sessions and practice matches. These squads would be constantly reviewed with the possibility of new entrants based on the criteria including, inter alia, behaviour/discipline, performance in tournaments and training sessions.


    1. Creating new events or establishing standing trophies in honour of our outstanding administrators and players.
    2. There should be Rapid and Seniors/Veterans National Championships. Rapid and Blitz events for all levels of students should become a reality.


    1. An annual Chess 960 (“Fischer Random”) tournament should be held.
    1. Compiling a comprehensive list of venues to be marshalled by the Tournament Committee.


    1. This list is to be constantly honed and updated with particular venues to be used for special events. For example, small hotels such as Alhambra Inn, Christar Villas Hotel and Spanish Court should not be used for Open tournaments when a lot of children are usually involved. This minimizes the risk of the hotel guests being disturbed etc.
    1. The JCF should try and book these venues a year or two in advance having prepared the necessary calendars.


    1. Taking inventory constantly and sourcing equipment (clocks and sets including DGT electronic boards etc.) for JCF events and for sale to members.
    2. WEBSITE  -

    Establishing a professional well-run website which will serve as the chief source of information/material for the JCF, including the posting of games, tournament notices etc. This website should also be an income-earner with sponsored ads.



    1. The JCF should consider having an annual “chess week”, beginning or ending with a Church Service.
    1. During  this week, special events are held such as the Annual General Meeting, the Enos Grant Memorial Blitz, a simultaneous exhibition, a lecture by a well-known chess expert, master or personality and/or a seminar on an important topic.


    1. This is potentially a very useful public relations/publicity vehicle and can serve to develop a culture whereby people will look forward to “Chess Week”.
    1. WOMEN’S CHESS –


    1. Pursuing a specific development programme with coaching for the female players.
    1. Promoting a Women’s Chess Festival as a two-day event (blitz and rapid).


    1. To partner with corporate Jamaica, especially well-known females in the commercial world, to secure adequate financial support for tournaments locally and abroad.
    1. Increasing the number of FIDE-rated, active female players to at least fifty (50).


    1. Putting plans in place to ensure the following:

    (i) a Jamaican in the top three of each female age group in the English-speaking Caribbean (based, of course, on FIDE ratings);
    (ii) the establishment of a female Chess team in all co-ed schools, with these teams participating in the National Schools Chess Championships; 
    (iii) to launch an annual (closed) women’s tournament in Jamaica for only Jamaican players at long time controls;
    (iv) to develop a proper public relations strategy (including the use of Social Media platforms, blogs etc.) to improve the visibility of Women’s Chess and the achievements of female players;
    (v) to have an annual all-female High School tournament;
    (vi) to have annual all-female Preparatory and Primary Level Championships;
    (vii) to have an annual promotional visit/tour at selected Jamaican schools with planned activities such as simultaneous exhibitions, conferences etc.;
    (viii) to launch an annual (closed) women’s tournament in Jamaica at long time controls featuring international players, especially from the Caribbean, the Jamaican Champion and three other Jamaican players;  and
    (ix) to provide any necessary support for female players and their coaches to address or solve any issues affecting them, including improving the lines of communication with the JCF.



    1. The President of the JCF was a member of the Ethics Commission (“EC” a.k.a. the “World Chess Court”) of FIDE for eight years (2006-2014). The JCF should aspire to having a more visible presence in FIDE and to try and occupy one of the senior posts in the organization.
    1. While “President” might be too ambitious at this point, the JCF should set itself the goal of filling one of the deputy or vice-presidential positions or having someone as head of one of the various commissions.


    1. The JCF should ensure that its delegate to FIDE attend each FIDE Congress or General Assembly whether or not it is held in an Olympiad year.
    1. The delegate who attends a FIDE Congress or General Assembly must submit a report to the Council within thirty (30) days of the completion of business or meetings by the said FIDE Congress or General Assembly.



    2016 December 21