National Interschool Grade Chess Championship

National Interschool Grade Chess Championship Rules

31 MARCH 2017




  • The tournament is open to students of both sexes enrolled in any Kindergarten, Preparatory, Primary and High school in Jamaica.
  • There will be 13 sections [ Kindergarten, Grades 1-11 and 6th from]
  •  A school may enter an unlimited number of players in each to improve their schools chances of winning the school prizes.
  • There will be one section at each grade called the “Absolute” where both males and females will play. (Females prizes will be awarded at all grade levels [see prizes below]. However, if Female numbers at a particular grade level is greater than 20, a section called “females” will be created where they will play by themselves.
  • Participant Costs:
  • All players competing in the championships must pay an entry fee of $1500
  • Each student competing in the event must be a member of the Jamaica Chess Federation and hence have paid the associated fees. JCF membership fee of J$1000 covers the membership of a student for six months and will allow that student to play in all JCF events during the period. A School can however pay $15000 which covers ALL their students instead for one year. Students of schools that have already paid the “School membership fee” and are currently members of the JCF, will not be required to pay membership fee for this tournament.

Grade Champs 2017 Rules and regulations

  • The tournament will be played according to the Swiss System in 6 rounds.
  • All Chess rules apply (see basic rules below)
  • The time control will be game in 60 mins.
  • Tie Break for first place are: 1. Points 2. “head to head” 2. Blitz Playoffs [4 games with the first person to 2.5 winning. If there is still a tie, then the “Armageddon” method will be used. (White 5 minutes/Black 4 minutes/if the game is Drawn Black wins)
  • Top 10 ten finishers will contribute points to their schools. A school must have at least 3 players in a particular grade to be eligible for the school prize.  Schools with the most points will be awarded the Champion School at that particular grade.
  • Points are awarded as follows:

1st-   15 points
2nd- 12 points
3rd-   10 points
4th-    8 points
5th-    7 points
6th-    6 points
7th-    5 points
8th-    4 points
9th-    3 points
10th- 2 points

  • ½ point bye is available for only rounds 1-3 if requested before round 1. 


  • All Players from grades 3 and above will be required to record their moves. Only players on the first 3 boards in grade one and two will be required to record their moves.
  • There will be no time default in round one. Thereafter, default time is 30mins.


  •  For players playing in grades 3 and above, three illegal moves/infractions will warrant an immediate default. However, an arbiter has the right to use his/her discretion and not enforce a default in special cases with the consent of the chief arbiter.
  • 5 illegal moves/infractions will warrant an immediate default in the kindergarten, and grades 1 and 2 sections. An arbiter has the right however to use his or her discretion and not enforce a default in special cases with the consent of the chief arbiter).


Absolute Prizes

  • Guaranteed---1st – 5th  Trophy in each grade
  • *6th to 10th Medals in each Grade

(Please note, 6th to 10th place will only be awarded from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and based on numbers greater than 25 players in the grade being considered.

Female prizes
Guaranteed 1st – 3rd Trophy in each grade
4th-5th (Trophies)
(Please note, 4th to 5th place will only be awarded based on numbers of females greater than 10 players in grade being considered. If a female section is created as mentioned in “participation” above, then prizes will be similar to that of the absolute section.


NB* Organizers have the right to merge or eliminate a section as they see fit if there are less than 20 participants in said section.
For all queries contact:

Contact: National Master Mikhail Solomon 298-8085 e-mail:
 (Chairman Jamaica Chess Federation - Junior Chess Committee)