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THE Jamaica Chess Federation (JCF) will be staging the 2017 edition of the NM Robert Wheeler Chess Open this month Starting Thursday May 18th, 2017 at the the Liberty Academy on 32 Hope road at 6pm.

For the Open Section, Round one will begin at 6pm on Thursday May 18th at Liberty and Round 2 will be on Friday May 19th also at 6pm, also at the Liberty Academy.

The tournament will resume on the weekend on Saturday May 20 at the Liberty Academy on 32 Hope road with round 3 of the Open section starting at 9am and Round 4 starting at 2pm.

Round one of The Intermediate and amateur sections will begin on Saturday at 9am.

The Tournament will come to a close on Sunday may 21, 2017 with rounds 5 and 6 of the Open Section and the intermediate section being held at the Liberty.

Round 5 of the open section will start at 8:30am.


The Robert Wheeler Chess open is a premiere annual event on Jamaica Chess Federation's calendar and is named after National Master Robert Wheeler ,one of Jamaica's Chess Federation founding members. NM Robert Wheeler has has won the National Chess Championships on six occasions since 1975, and is the current acting treasurer of the Jamaica Chess Federation.

The defending champion is National Master and current National Chmpion of Jamaica Shreyas Smith.

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